I miss Sundays as a child
Early to take the first meal of the day
Get ready, wear a dress and put on best shoes
Off to take part in the weekly Church praise.

After that, we would be home
Would prepare our lunch feast
Which mom would be cooking
And I ready to assist.

Then during afternoon,
We would rest, watch TV,
play deck cards or board games
Or have siesta and merienda.

Sometimes we would schedule
A lunch by the beach
And spend the afternoon
Swimming or strolling down the shore.

Sometimes we roam around
To visit our friends or relatives
Would ask how things have been,
Share laughter, stories and news.

Now as a mom, it has been hard
To bring forth my childhood Sundays.
It is not my sole responsibility
But the dad’s duty too, sad to say.

Because like today, an hour before lunch
He still is asleep.
Oh, I have tried too many times,
Got tired and fed up of waking him

To make our children
Get to experience
My childhood Sundays,
Gone now.

                                                            –  L y n B 1 4 . 071016

siesta – short nap taken in the early afternoon, often after the midday meal

merienda – or meryenda;  light meal or snack in the Philippines or certain parts of Southern Europe


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